Techniques Workshop - Dates

LFPS Techniques Workshop 2020-2021
Each session will have an “Ask the Expert” section at the start. Send your question to Andrew Kirkby at 2 days before each workshop.

Tuesday 15th September 2020
LFPS Intro, About Competitions, Ask the Expert

Monday 28th September 2020
Camera Settings: Focusing, Shooting Modes, Correct Exposure, White Balance
Selecting Images for competition

Monday 5th October 2020
Editing for Colour
Editing for Monochrome

Monday 2nd November 2020
Composition, Editing in Lightroom 1, Lens Selection, Depth of Field

Monday 7th December 2020
Editing in Photoshop 1, Considering Image Backgrounds and Foregrounds

Monday 4th January 2021
Working with models (sourcing, interactions and model styling) Other (not Photoshop or Lightroom) Editing Software.

Monday 1st February 2021
Editing in Lightroom 2, Contrast, workflows. Histograms, RAW vs Jpeg

Monday 1st March 2021
Editing in Photoshop 2

Monday 5th April 2021
Software Plugins – DXO, NIK Collection, Topaz

Tuesday 4th May 2021
Advance Creative Camera Techniques, Movement

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