September 2019

Thursday 5 September 2019
Open Evening

First meeting of the 2019 - 2020 season.
This is the chance for all prospective members to come along and see what we do. Talk to some of our experienced members and find out if we are the club for you. Tea and coffee are free and the bar is open.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm.

Monday 09 September 2019
Committee Meeting

Fosse Room, 7:30pm-10pm

Thursday 12 September 2019
Dr Dave Butcher
Snow Light

Dr Dave Butcher returns with his latest lecture of monochrome prints.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm.

Monday 16 September 2019
Studio Group

Main Hall, 6:30pm-10pm.
Studio Lighting Workshop

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Technique Workshop

The first of our informal meetings to discuss all aspects of photography and the club. The initial workshops are aimed at the needs of newcomers, with experienced members on hand to advise. Bring along your camera and a few pictures - prints or digital files - and we will try to answer any questions.
Ravenhurst Room, 7:30pm-10pm.

Thursday 19 September 2019
Erica Oram
Seeing Opportunity

Seeing the photographic potential in a variety of opportunities using an open minded, creative, artistic approach to photography (both in-camera and using digital manipulation) with an aim to producing something a bit different.
Gamma Photoforum
Sheffield Photographer
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm.

Monday 23 September 2019
Studio Group

Main Hall, 6:30pm-10pm.

WEDNESDAY 25 September 2019
Richard Cobby
Judge for Yourself

Getting inside the mind of a judge with a view to improving marks in competitions. Includes a big section on composition and tips on becoming a judge.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm.

Monday 30 September 2019
Technique Workshop

Ravenhurst Room, 7:30pm-10pm.