November 2019

Monday 04 November 2019
Technique Workshop

Ravenhurst Room, 7:30pm-10pm

Thursday 07 November 2019
David Lowe
A guide to Long Exposure Daylight Photography

A welcome return by David with another interesting, informative evening with superb images and thoughts about how to achieve great results.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm
Email up to 2 colour or monochrome digital images to Andrzej Jablonski and make the Subject of your email PDIs for the PDIs Competition on Thursday 28 November 2019, judged in three Groups A, B and C. They must be JPEG files with a maximum width of 1600 pixels and maximum height of 1200 pixels, in the sRGB colour space.

Monday 11 November 2019
Committee Meeting

Fosse Room, 7:30pm-10pm

Thursday 14 November 2019
Monochrome Prints 1 Competition

Monochrome prints judged in three Groups A, B and C by John Cartlidge, APAGB, EFIAP/p, BPE5 from Cannock.
Cannock PS
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm

Monday 18 November 2019
Studio Group

Millfield Hall, 6:30pm-10pm

WEDNESDAY 20 November 2019
David Cudworth
A Photographic Journey from Sea Level to Extreme Altitude

Bringing together a love of photography and landscape; telling the stories behind a selection of images. Starting at the oxygen rich seashore in Whitby and concluding with the challenge of trying to capture the vista from the summit of an Himalayan peak where the effective oxygen level is just 9%!
Council Chamber, 7:457:45pm-10pm
Submit up to 3 colour prints for the Colour Prints 1 Competition on Thursday 5 December 2019, judged in three Groups A, B and C.

Monday 25 November 2019
Better Images Workshop

The Conny Club
55 Westcotes Drive


Thursday 28 November 2019
PDIs Competition

Colour or monochrome projected digital images judged in three Groups A, B and C by Andrzej Jablonski, LBIPP, LMPA, LRPS.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm