LFPS Data Protection Policy

Leicester Forest Photographic Society
Data Protection Policy

The aims of the Leicester Forest Photographic Society (LFPS) are to promote the enjoyment of
photography in the community and help members develop their photographic abilities in a friendly and
supportive atmosphere. The society is open to all, whatever their level of photographic skills.
To carry out its aims the society needs to record some personal information about its members: this is
usually name and contact details as well as details of entries to competitions, exhibitions and similar
events. No information beyond that required to carry out its aims will be recorded and it will not be
retained longer than is necessary.

1. Leicester Forest Photographic Society maintains a list of the names and contact details of all
members. This is maintained and kept by the Membership Secretary, though it may be shared with
other committee members if needed to perform their duties. These details may be retained for up to
one year after a member leaves the society.

2. Contact details will not be released to anyone outside the committee without the consent of the
person concerned. This sometimes occurs when a member or non-member wishes to make contact with
someone within the society.

3. It is customary for the contact details of committee members to appear in the society's printed
programme, though some or all of the contact details will be withheld if requested by the person
concerned. Contact details will not appear in the version of the programme used on the website, though
names will. No contact information of non-committee members, apart from names, will appear in the
programme (printed or online) without the permission of the people concerned.

4. The list of members' email addresses will used to circulate news of forthcoming society events,
competition entry dates and similar information considered to be of interest to members. Emails to
more than one member will use the Bcc feature to prevent the addresses of other recipients being seen.
Members will have to opt in to receiving these emails and can then choose to be removed from the
circulation list at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary. The email list will not be used to
circulate marketing material from external companies or services.

5. Any member wishing to see the information held about them may request this via the Secretary. Any
errors or omissions found will be corrected within a reasonable time.

6. The names of photographers as the creators of images used by the society may be stated in
exhibitions and the publication of catalogues, programmes, results, awards, LFPS website or other

7. The society may retain certain records indefinitely. These include, but are not limited to, records of
meetings, programmes, catalogues, awards and other event results.

Issued 18 May 2018

LFPS - Data Protection Policy - 18 May 2018

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