Throughout its season we run a number of competitions for members that cover projected images, colour and monochrome prints and printed and digital panels. There are also themed competitions.

Experienced judges are invited to choose what they see as work deserving an award. Judges also provide a dispassionate examination of members' work and suggest how they could be improved.

Many competitions are split into two Groups A and B, so members are competing against others with a similar level of skill and experience. Other competitions are ungrouped and open to members of all abilities. New members usually join Group B and can progress to Group A according to the awards gained from competitions throughout the season. However, new members with substantial previous experience may be placed in Group A. Promotion to Group A is agreed by the committee after looking at the season's results and the quality of the pictures. Members can request to be regraded if they feel they have been placed in the wrong group.

We encourage members to enter external competitions in association with the Midland Counties Photographic Federation and open competitions run by other photographic clubs.

Entering our competitions is not mandatory, and many new members like to see the the standard of work before they try for themselves. However, it does offer the opportunity to have technique and style constructively analysed and receive helpful advice. To help members develop their photographic and imaging skills we also run regular workshops throughout the season.

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