New Members - FAQ

We've complied a list of questions that we're asked frequently by prospective members.
1. Why join Leicester Forest Photographic Society?
For over 55 years Leicester Forest Photographic Society has been a place where photographers can socially meet and share their passion for photography. We are a warm and friendly club of 85 members, who are welcoming to all. Help is freely available to develop the photography of all members, no matter what level, through talks, competitions, workshops and practical sessions. See the website for all of the activities of the club.

2. Where does the club meet?
The normal meetings take place at the Braunstone Civic Centre in Leicester. However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic our meetings will be via Zoom. So now you can enjoy the meetings no matter where you live.

3. When does the club meet?
The main club night is on Thursday evenings, mostly for talks and competitions. We also meet on Monday evenings for workshops and the studio group. The programme runs from September to May. However, members do meet during the summer through the excursion programme.

4. How can I become a Member / how much does it cost?
All you need to do to join is to contact the membership secretary via email for a short online registration form at
The subscription is reduced this season to £30 per person per year. The reduction is due to meetings being held via Zoom. The normal subscriptions are currently £55.

5. Can I see what the club is like before I join?
You are welcome to join in two of any club meetings for free. After this you should complete the registration and send your subscription.

6. I don’t live close to Leicester. Can I join online?
For the 2020/2021 season (starting September 2020), we will be meeting via Zoom, so you can join the club and enjoy meetings no matter where you live. You will have online access to talks, competitions and workshops. Please contact the membership secretary for details at

7. Does the club have an active Facebook Page?
The club has a very lively Facebook page. On the page you can share images, ask for feedback, ask for photographic advice, join in the weekly challenge and more. Full LFPS membership is not required to join the Facebook page which currently has over 200 members.

8. Will joining the club help progress my photography?
We encourage all members no matter what level to develop their photography. Workshops are where we meet together to discuss camera techniques, editing in software and photographic composition. Advice is always freely on hand from the very experienced group of photographers in the club. Competitions, for some, are a good motivation for development and there are opportunities to enter competitions at club, regional, national and international level.

9. Do you have a beginner’s section?
Each year we have between 10 and 15 people join the club. Much of the workshop programme is devised each year according to the requirements of the less experienced members. Senior members are always happy to answer questions either directly or through Facebook. One to one mentoring can be arranged if required. In addition, many of the competitions are arranged by ability.

10. I’ve looked at the gallery and I don’t think I’m good enough to come to the club.
As you might expect the gallery is the club’s showcase and comprises members very best work. Some of these photographers have decades worth of experience. We all have to start somewhere and there is room for everyone to feel comfortable with their photographic work. Generally, we find people progress quickly with many people producing excellent images after 2 to 3 years of joining the club.

11. Do I need a high-end camera to join the club?
Absolutely not! Within the club, members have a wide range of equipment from the very basic, (including mobile devices), to very advanced.

12. I already know about photography, so is it worth joining?
The club has a number of nationally and internationally recognised photographers who can help you to take your photography to the next level. Through the club’s membership of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) you will have the opportunity to have your work formally recognised. There are also opportunities to take place in regional and national competitions.

13. Can I gain recognition for my photographic work?
There are a number of organisations where individuals can apply to have their work formally recognised at different levels. There are quite a few members who have already gained these awards and will be able to advise and guide you through the processes. Currently members have awards from these organisations; PAGB, RPS, FIAP and BPE.

14. What do the guest speakers talk about?
Due to the size of the club we are able to invite some of the very best photographers and speakers from the UK. Many will not only show their fantastic images but will also share their stories and techniques on how the images were created. We always endeavour to produce a fresh and varied programme each year which is published on our web site.

15. How do competitions work?
The club holds regular competitions throughout the season. Typically, there are 2 each month which are normally judged via an experienced invited judge from another club. Many of the competitions are grouped by ability and experience. Some competitions are open with others having a set theme. See the club programme for the available competitions. The club also enters regional and national competitions as a club. Some members choose to enter open national and international competitions independently.

16. Will I be required to enter competitions?
There is no requirement for any member of the club to enter the competitions. Some members come along purely to enjoy the show of a set of great images in a competition.

17. Does the club have a studio?
For those members interested in studio photography the club owns a great deal of studio equipment which is set up in the main hall at the Braunstone Civic Centre, once per month, for a studio evening. There is enough space to have 2 or 3 setups so each photographer has plenty of shooting times. The range of models is very varied so that all styles can be practiced. Professional models are often used and members attending are required to share the modest cost. (note: This is currently under review pending the availability of the hall and setting up of socially distanced working)

18. Are there any club excursions to interesting places?
Each season there is a programme of meetups at interesting locations where members can enjoy a sociable evening, day or weekend sharing their passion for photography. Advice is always on hand for those who need it.

19. Who can I contact about the club?
Please contact the membership secretary at

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