LFPS Competitions Submission and Event Dates

* (Open) Colour Round 1 - PDIs (Submit by 21st September 2023.) 5th October 2023
* (Open) Monochrome Round 1 - PDIs (Submit by 12th October 2023.) 26th October 2023
* (Open) Colour Round 2 - Prints (Submit on 2nd November 2022.) 16th November 2023
Open PDIs [Andrzej Jablonski] (Submit by 23rd November 2023.) 7th December 2023
(Open) Festive Evening PDIs - Letterbox and Panels (Submit by 13th December 2023.) 14th December 2023
(Open) Festive Evening Prints - Phone (Submit PDIs by 13th December. Bring prints on the evening.) 14th December 2023

(Open) PDIs on the theme "All the World's a Stage ....." [John Whitby] (Submit by 2nd January 2024.) 11th January 2024
(Traditional) Sport and (Traditional) Street PDIs (Submit by 18th January 2024.) 1st February 2024
* (Open) Monochrome Round 2 - Prints (Submit on 1st February 2024.) 15th February 2024
(Traditional) Nature and (Traditional) Scapes PDIs (Submit by 15th February 2024.) 29th February 2024
(Open) PDI Panels [Andrzej Jablonski] (Submit by 29th February 2024.) 14th March 2024
(Open) Portrait and Creative Prints (Submit on 21st March 2024.) 4th April 2024
* (Open) Colour Round 3 - Prints (Submit on 11th April 2024.) 25th April 2024
* (Open) Monochrome Round 3 - Prints (Submit on 25th April 2024.) 9th May 2024
President’s Trophy (Open) Prints on theme "My Vision of ..." (Submit PDIs by 9th May. Bring prints on the evening.) 23rd May 2024

Points from the events marked * will be used to award trophies for colour and monochrome at the end of the season. Trophies for Groups A and B. You may enter up to three images per competition.

Go to Competition Rules for details of the competition categories and rules.

Please note that we ask members to submit matching PDIs for submissions to our prints competitions. These are the Colour Prints, Monochrome Prints, and the Portrait & Creative Prints, Competitions. (All of these are Open category.) There are two reasons for this.
(a) This will give us a PDI copy of all the images submitted to print competitions, which will make it much easier to select prints for MCPF, PAGB and other external competitions.
(b) It will make it easier to compile and put on our website the award winning images from the competitions.

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