October 2019

Thursday 03 October 2019
Pete Yeo
Island Hopping

A welcome return with a series of prints about travel and other subjects from this distinguished photographer.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm

Monday 07 October 2019
Technique Workshop

Ravenhurst Room, 7:30pm-10pm

Thursday 10 October 2019
Tony Gervis
One Man and His Van

A breathtaking 20,0000 mile, 4 month trip in his campervan across Europe, into Turkey, through Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, on through Russia, then back home. Phew!
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm
Email up to 2 open (traditional, photo-realistic or creative), colour digital images to Paul McCormick by noon and make the Subject of your email Colour PDIs for the Colour PDIs Competition on Thursday 17 October 2019, judged in three Groups A, B and C. They must be JPEG files with a maximum width of 1600 pixels and maximum height of 1200 pixels, in the sRGB colour space.

Thursday 17 October 2019
Colour PDIs Competition

Open (traditional, photo-realistic or creative), colour, projected digital images, judged in three Groups A, B and C, by Sue Hutton ARPS from Shepshed.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm

Monday 21 October 2019
Studio Group

Chloé Julia (PurplePort)
Stefan Grundy (Facebook)
Millfield Hall, 6:30pm-10pm

Thursday 24 October 2019
MCPF Portfolio

Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm

Monday 28 October 2019
Better Images Workshop

The Conny Club
55 Westcotes Drive


Thursday 31 October 2019
Malcolm Hupman
Where I Photograph Wildlife in the UK

An informative evening about local wildlife. Not only how and where to find mammals, birds and insects but how to photograph them.
Council Chamber, 7:45pm-10pm
Submit up to 3 open (traditional, photo-realistic or creative), monochrome prints for the Monochrome Prints 1 Competition on Thursday 14 November 2019, judged in three Groups A, B and C.