When you are preparing pictures for the club’s digital projector it's important that:
  • LANDSCAPE - Images are not wider than 1600 pixels or taller than 1200 pixels;
  • PORTRAIT - Setting the height to 1200 means the width will be less than 1200;
  • SQUARE - Images will be 1200 x 1200;
  • Do NOT fill any unused area - this is not required.

Save each of your resized images as a jpg file with minimum compression (100% quality) and use the sRGB colour profile.
Use the following format of file name, that is
  • Title--Your Name--Priority.jpg

with spaces only between the words in your name and between words in the title. Separate the sections using two consecutive hyphens (not underscores) without any spaces.

Use the priority number 1 to indicate your strongest image, 2 for the next and then 3 for the weakest. In the event of a large entry we may remove priority 3 images.

If only two images are allowed, use 1 for your stronger image and 2 for the weaker.

When you save each file please check that the software hasn’t added a second .jpg to the file name,
  • e.g. file name.jpg.jpg

Example file names
  • Wild Eagle--John Smith--2.jpg
  • Arches under the Railway Viaduct--Fred Jones--1.jpg

Finally and BEFORE you send
Check the file-size and name in the operating system (right click and look at properties).