17th August 2020
It was reported that the Braunstone Civic centre is still not accepting bookings, and current advice from central and local government has not changed significantly to allow physical meetings. We've also prepared a working plan for potentially allowing a limited studio group to continue to meet when possible. The committee is also following up on Public Liability Insurance issues relating to any gatherings.

20th July 2020
During the meeting on the 20th July, it was decided the committee would meet monthly via zoom as the current situation evolves.
We also discussed the current issues relating to Covid-19 that affect the club. A decision was taken to hold all meetings on Zoom for the 2020/2021 season. The main reasons for this were;
  • guidelines from central and local government
  • the lack of availability of a socially distanced meeting space
  • the vulnerability of some members of the club
  • issues connected with liability insurance.
  • There was also a member survey which showed a significant majority would prefer Zoom meetings.

With continuous review meetings, it is hoped that LFPS can return to normal when the issues are resolved and sustained favourable conditions allow. The committee is always happy to hear constructive comments from LFPS members.