Request for support from local youth brass band

A local band is one of five in the UK invited to a prestigious national youth brass band contest in Gateshead in November. The contest is also being streamed on the internet. The band's musical director has devised a programme of music entitled "Portraits of Leicestershire" and would like to support the programme with visual images of our county. Would any members be willing to work with the band to produce themed photographic presentations to accompany their music on a large screen at the contest. The themes are:
(1) Leicester;
(2) Leicestershire;
(3) The Battle of Bosworth.
If you would be willing to either contribute images, or feel able to produce one of the themed presentations for the band, please contact me (Anthony Mason - I shall then give you the email address to contact the musical director of the band, in order to arrange a telephone conversation to provide you with more details.