Competitions - Rules and Categories

Competitions give you something to aim for in your photography and will help to improve the quality of your work. Other people will also see your pictures, and you will learn from seeing people’s images and hearing the judge’s comments. The real purpose should be about entering and taking part, if your work is favoured by the judges then that is bonus.

You may not always agree with what the judges say, but you will learn a lot by just looking and listening.

During the season we have three competitions for colour and three more for monochrome images. Some of these competitions are for prints and others for Projected Digital Images (PDIs). Points are awarded to members based on the judges' selections and at the end of the season trophies are awarded in Groups A, B & C to the members who have accumulated the most points in colour and members who have the most points in monochrome.

There are also competitions for specific subjects throughout the season and the link below can be used to download the full rules for all club competitions. Any member who appears outstanding in group C or B is considered by the committee for promotion to the next highest group for the following season.

The more experienced members enter external competitions and exhibitions. Costs for these activities have to be met by the individual, though for certain exhibitions the club does provide help with transport and postage costs.

Competition Rules 2018-2019

Competition Categories 2015-2016

Joint PSA, FIAP and RPS definition of Nature and Wildlife Photography (RPS Webpage)

Joint PSA, FIAP and RPS definition of Nature and Wildlife Photography (RPS PDF)
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