We run a series of workshops throughout the season - usually on a Monday evening. The first three of these are held at the start of the season and are to discuss all aspects of photography and the club. These are specifically aimed at newcomers and beginners in photography. The remainder of the workshops are held monthly and are an informal forum for members of all levels to ask questions, share tips and demonstrate techniques. The laptop and projector are on hand to allow everyone to see what is being demonstrated.

The workshops are an informal gathering and have covered a wide range of activities including:

  • Practical Photography Techniques

  • Improving your current Photoshop skills

  • Learning new Photoshop techniques

  • Flash photography skills

  • Practical mount and framing techniques

  • Having your work analysed by others

  • Analysing the techniques of professionals

  • Creating winning images.

Dates for the workshops are listed under Members' Info menu above and choosing Workshop Dates.