Studio Group

The Studio Group meets monthly on Mondays from September to April. It is open to all members of LFPS.

With a sizeable inventory of studio equipment, the group exists to offer members who are interested in studio photography the opportunity to develop their technical and compositional skills with male and female models attending and with anything from one to three set-ups in place on any one evening.

The Studio Group runs a structured format covering different lighting techniques, still and fixed lighting, movement and other styles suited to a studio session. The aim of the group is for members to learn as well as enjoy photography.

In addition, LFPS works closely with other photographic clubs and societies in Leicestershire in organising outdoor activities during and outside of the normal season period. This offers members the chance to tackle portraiture in a challenging non-studio environment and an opportunity to meet other keen photographers from other clubs and societies.

For more information about joining the Studio Group, click the Members' Info menu above and go to Studio Group.